Awesome tips for taking action

group photo of volunteers from Wlidcare Deslacs Tasmania

Volunteers from Wlidcare Deslacs Tasmania


Small steps are good. Big steps are fun.

Taking action to protect our environment and our vulnerable people is not a chore –  it’s an invitation to add satisfaction, meaning and happiness to your life.  An opportunity live a life where you are are proud that your actions on a daily basis are ones that make a difference to your life and the environment you live in.

You might like to start by including some of the ideas listed below in your life. Have them be a practice that delights, satisfies and inspires you. Find partner(s) to support you – this is where community groups can be powerfully supportive. And of course, have a great time with this!


  • Refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot
  • Buy a reusable water bottle
  • Buy a reusable coffee cup – and be proud to use it
  • Take public transportation, start car  sharing, bike, or walk
  • Grow your own food – it really does taste better
  • Shop at local farmers’ markets, if you have one near you
  • Join local community groups protecting and nurturing our wild life and plant life
  • Pick up rubbish while you enjoy the beaches, parks, footpaths  and other track, field, path or roadway
  • Spend some  moments of awareness enjoying nature each day

Community & Social Justice

  • Get involved with an organisation working to achieve social equality and justice
  • Investigate and participate in local community issues
  • Involve your neighbors in a community activity you can do together
  • Read about social justice and reflect on what that means to you
  • Educate yourself about what is real with disadvantaged people in our community – not what you might hear in the press, from our governments or other people
  • Regularly read alternative news sources that present the world as other countries and cultures see it
  • Get to know your neighbors, share a meal or provide offers of help

Personal and Spiritual Fulfillment

  • Designate a regular daily practice such as meditation, walking, exercise, prayer or yoga
  • Change your conversations to be of possibility and inspiration to others
  • Breathe and smile to life
  • Listen to someone older than you
  • Listen to someone younger than you
  • Write down 3 things that you are grateful for as a daily practice
  • Choose to watch or read things that inspires you and make you happy
  • Be compassionate and forgiving with yourself and others
  • Practice counteracting negative comments with positive alternatives

If you are looking for ideas of organisations to get involved with, books to read or practices to adopt please visit our resources database which is currently under construction.  If you have any resources you would like to submit please complete our online resources submission form here.

For a quick reference here is a map of actions for society, environment and self.  You can also download it here: [download id=”29″]


Top image of volunteers from Wildcare Deslacs Tasmania

Mindmap created by Pachamama Romania.

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