Our Programs

Be The Change’s mission is to play a role in changing the dream of the modern world, the programs below equip you to co-create a just, thriving and sustainable world wherever you are. Some are sponsored by Be The Change, and other are offered by members of our community.

Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium

Developed by the Pachamama Alliance, the Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium brings participants to a heartfelt sense that this Earth is our home, and we should take care of her.

You can do the Symposium online at no cost.

Inspiring Transition

BTC Guardianship Council member Andrew Gaines is the instigator of Inspiring Transition.

The goal of Inspiring Transition is to further the Be The Change mission by inspiring millions of people to act as citizen-educators championing the overarching goal of transitioning to a life-affirming culture. Our intention is to inspire thoughtful mainstream commitment to doing everything required pull out of our current ecological nosedive.

Inspiring Transition is a support platform for thought leaders and citizen-educators. We provide everything required for people to get started.

Perhaps our most innovative communication tool is Kitchen Table Conversations.

Using specially designed beer coasters we help people keep track of complex conversations about the systemic drivers that must change in order to successfully transition to a life-affirming culture. The idea came from a former professional stage magician. He said that people like to have physical objects to hang ideas on.

Each person who plays a role in this acts as an autonomous agent.  We communicate a positive goal for society, and how we can get there.

It’s Up 2 Us

Be The Change member Jaime Yallup Farrant presents workshops in Western Australia on issues of environmental sustainability and climate change, and works with civil and political leaders to address climate change is a health and social justice issue. She actively networks with existing groups and organisations to increase collaboration.

See a 3 minute video of Jaime sharing her work at itisup2us.com


Project Drawdown

BTC members Jane Monk and Pam Millist, and Guardianship Council member Katherine Barling lead introductory Project Drawdown workshops in Victoria. (If you are not in Victoria, you can take part in the Pachamama Alliance’s online Introduction to Drawdown workshop here.)

Project Drawdown is based upon a ranked listing of the top 100 solutions for reversing global warming. It highlights well-researched practical solutions to drawing down excess CO2 from the atmosphere.

Jane and her partner Neil also run a five-session follow up program to the Introduction to Drawdown. This Getting Into Action workshop series is hosted on Zoom, and it supports participants in identifying which Drawdown solution/s present opportunities for action in their local area.

Email Jane if you are interested in this workshop series after you have experienced the Introduction to Drawdown.

The Pachamama Alliance

The Pachamama Alliance is the inspiration for many of the early BTC programs, and we continue to embrace a shared vision of bringing forth an ecologically sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling human presence on this planet.