The Sustainability Surprise Party

May 2014: Organise an Event to Change the Future

Mindset change for a hopeful future

Around the world millions of groups are arising to deal with our looming ecological and social issues. It is a vast, spontaneous and largely unseen social movement.

It is opposed by vested interests. And it requires ‘all’ of us to succeed. Therefore it is time to fight back against corporate disinformation and political malfeasance in the one area where moneyed interests cannot compete:

Helping people connect the dots and think for themselves.

Be The Change has thought starter tools for this purpose, and we are organising a global initiative called the Sustainability Surprise Party for May 2014.

Our intention, with others, is to succeed in changing the direction of the developed world. Catalysing an informed shift in consciousness is the key to success.

During May 2014 thousands of organisations around the world will put on educational events championing large scale transformative change so that we mobilise informed passionate public will to create a sustainable, just and thriving future.

If you see and care about the present and predictable consequences of our environment and social trends, we invite you to join with us in making the Sustainability Surprise Party happen by organising an educational event championing transformative change and inviting others to participate also.

It need not take a great deal of your time. A small amount of effort astutely applied can have huge leverage, and we have a turnkey system that is easy to apply.

See or contact:

Dot Green on [email protected] or 0419 315 717.

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