Inspiring Transition

The goal of the Inspiring Transition initiative is, with others, to change the direction of the developed world so that we actually become ecologically sustainable.

We contribute to this by communicating in ways that enable people to connect-the-dots and think for themselves. We have a well thought out communication strategy, more than 20 interesting communication tactics, and a process that can engage hundreds of thousands of individuals and organisations as thought catalysts.

Together we can become a powerful force for inspiring transformative change that vested interests will not be able to stop.

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The Inspiring Transition initiative aims to bring the need for large-scale transformative change to the forefront of the public agenda, and kick-start a wave of deeper conversations about whole system change to a thriving, just and ecologically sustainable society.

Be The Change Australia is initiating this because, despite all of our best efforts, our society is heading for environmental self-destruction. We are committed to bold imaginative action to turn things around. Click here to see a short video about the initiative.

We would like to think that you will want to participate in this initiative. It need not take an inordinate amount of your time. Ready-to-use communication tools are available through the Inspiring Transition website.