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Human SculptureMembership is a great way to take some action to support Be the Change.

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  • You will make a big difference supporting us financially
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  • You may vote at the Annual General Meeting and in other decision making processes
  • You are eligible to nominate for a position on Be The Change’s Board (Guardianship Council)

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1. Pay online by credit card (PayPal)

Individuals ($10)

Organisations ($100)

2. Enquiries, mail & fax

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Vivien Philpotts 
Be The Change Memberships
PO Box 10, Lancefield VIC 3435
M: 0409 386 875
F: (03) 5429 2337 (Attention Viv) 
E: [email protected]

People want to know what to do, and I think that’s a good question too. But a more profound question and a more powerful question is who do we need to be? And I think who we need to be are people who know that the decisions and choices we make now impact the future of life for the next hundred years. Everybody alive today has a role to play. You don’t have a big role and you don’t have a small role, you just have your role. And if you play it, then your life will really have a kind of meaning that you’ve dreamt of.  – Lynne Twist