Our programs

Inspired by our mission to play a role in changing the dream of the modern world, our programs equip you to co-create a just, thriving and sustainable world wherever you are.

Attending an event is an opportunity to take action and to discover your unique role in helping to transform our future while joining a local community of like minded people.

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Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium

Our flagship program is the Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium, an international program gifted from the Pachamama Alliance and a great starting place to understand how to ‘Be the Change’.

Generation Waking Up

Derived from the Symposium is Generation Waking Up, a global campaign that hosts the Wake Up program, specifically designed for young people and people that support them.

Jump Up

Our award winning, innovative primary school program (for grades 2 – 6) – Jump Up – is an awesome 8 week program on its own or in collaboration with the Symposium and Generation Waking Up.

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Inspiring Transition

The latest addition to our suite of programs is Inspiring Transition, focusing on whole system change and communication tools to engage anyone and everyone in transformative change.

Becoming a facilitator

Facilitating our programs is incredibly rewarding and may be your next step in co-creating a just, thriving and sustainable world.

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For community groups, educational institutions and organisations we offer workshops that can be a powerful tool in raising awareness, focusing energy into action and making  a difference. There are over 500 trained facilitators across Australia. Most workshops allow for some customisation to align with your community’s goals. Get in contact with a program coordinator or local contact.

Attend one of our events