Co-creating New Possibilities for Be The Change

Be The Change is looking for new ways to collaborate to collectively create a life-affirming future for humanity and planet earth.

As a Member of Be The Change, we are inviting you to an open conversation to consider ways that we might work together to further this mission.

The purpose of Be The Change is to:

  • Bring forth an ecologically sustainable,
  • A socially just
  • And a spiritually fulfilling human presence on this planet

We will introduce some of the activities that are already going on in this regard.

Proposed agenda (TBC):

  • Jane Monk – status and development of PA Project DrawDown program
  • Richard Whitehurst – The Overview Institute
  • Andrew Gaines – Inspiring Transition and Kitchen Table Conversations


We are also interested in creative ideas as to what we could be doing in addition. We are especially interested in ideas that you might want to put some energy into manifesting that we could support!

For further information, contact:either

  • Andrew Gaines (ph. 0416 489 809)
  • Pam Millist (ph. 03 9568 8340 or 0418 590 397)


Biographies of Guardianship Council and speakers:


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