Becoming a facilitator

Develop your capacity as a transformational leader and connect with other visionaries as you learn to deliver Awakening The Dreamer Symposiums in your community.

For information about future trainings, contact Jane Monk.

The Facilitator Training is usually a multi-day training designed to develop your transformational leadership skills and give you the resources to facilitate Symposiums.

The Training can be transformational in itself, another step on your personal journey as an agent of change. As a participant, you will step out from Facilitator Training with an enhanced realisation of your capability to lead powerful and positive transformation in society.

The Training is also an opportunity to generally improve facilitation and presentation skills, connect with others in the training group, learn more about the state of the world, and explore tools to create change within your community.

The Shape of the Training

The Training is offered in many forms, depending on the host. It can take place over 1, 2 or 3 days either at a residential venue or at a day facility.  Most Training participants have already experienced the Be the Change Symposium  Wake Up or Jump Up, however this is not a prerequisite.

Under the care and guidance of Be the Change Training Leaders, you will move through engaging exercises, activities, and guided reflection to deepen your understanding of the Symposium material, strengthen your capacity to take groups through the transformational program journey, and become a member of the community of agents of change engaged in building a thriving, just and sustainable world.

About Training Leaders

Training leaders are experienced Facilitators who have participated in the Training Leaders programme.  They have a wide-ranging experience in social and environmental justice work and personal development practice. Training leaders act as guides, helping training participants cultivate their inherent wisdom, talents, and passions for justice and sustainability.

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What participants are saying…..

The feelings of connection and community within our group were strengthened so much by the depth of the work in this training – and this also extends to the wider group of facilitators in the UK and abroad. I’ve found a phenomenal community which has real meaning and that I’m now a part of (though actually, it found me!).  Jan Taylor, Yorkshire

The facilitator training was quite simply one of the most profound experiences of my life. I laughed, I cried, I feared, I hoped. And most importantly, I knew that nobody is too insignificant to make a difference, especially equipped with the skills we were taught and the wonderful material that is the Symposium. Finally I felt part of a wonderful community of special, committed individuals who will always be a part of me. Together we can change the world.  Oliver Dudok van Heel, East Sussex