Transition Leader Training

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12:00 am

Riki's Place
25 Landscape Road



Transition Leader Training

Potent communication to affect people’s mindsets

 Our purpose is to change the dream of the developed world.Conversations matter

The Transition Leader Training will equip you to be an exceptionally effective communicator about the interconnection between environmental and social issues, and about positive ways forward. You can become an even more effective communicator than you already are by learning innovative communication tools that enable people to grasp the systemic nature of the required changes, and to see how they can contribute.

These tools are described in detail in Tabletop Presentations. One of the innovations is to use physical markers to help people keep track of the conversation. People find these tools engaging.

Nelson Mandela once asked, “How can we inspire greatness in ourselves, when nothing less will do?” Given the immediacy of current environmental trends it’s time for all of us who are concerned about environmental and social issues to lift our game.

Especially, it is important to engage mainstream people in thinking about large-scale social change. And who are ‘mainstream people’? Why our friends and neighbours, of course. We are all part of the mainstream.

This Transition Leader Training is part of a global educational movement instigated by Be The Change Australia called The Great Transition initiative.

 Saturday 21 March

10.00 am for 10.15 start
Finish at 5.30 pm

 25 Landscape Road

 $80.00 per person
 (Please bring lunch to share!)

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 Andrew Gaines
[email protected]
(02) 8005-8382