Inspiring mainstream commitment to a life-sustaining future

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5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Frank Fenner Building, ANU
Corner of Daley Road and Linnaeus Way



Presentation by Andrew Gaines

If we are to solve global warming and other major issues, those of us who care must to something different.

Hopefully this presentation and discussion will be an eye-opener for you. I will present an innovative communication strategy and ready-to-use tools for communicating in ways that shift mainstream consciousness.

One of the tools, Tabletop Presentations, uses physical models to help people keep track of complex conversations. This is a breakthrough, because otherwise talking about systemic change is like asking people to play mental chess.

I will also introduce Inspiring Transition, our delivery platform, whereby hundreds of thousands of individuals and organisations can focus on the critical point for success – affecting mainstream consciousness – without getting caught up in tedious strategy meetings or being bogged down by a cumbersome administrative structure.

The Inspiring Transition Launch will be throughout September 2015.

In the movie Invictus Nelson Mandela asks. “How can we inspire greatness in ourselves when nothing less will do? Whatever we have been doing, it is time to lift our game. I would like to think that you will critically review the Inspiring Transition initiative, and feel moved to participate in it in some way. Together we can become orders of magnitude more powerful than we currently are.

Andrew Gaines has been improving the way people think in ways they find beneficial for decades as a Feldenkrais practitioner, creativity trainer and psychotherapist. He is trained in philosophy and in The Natural Step. He is a Board member of Be The Change Australia, and he is the instigator of Inspiring Transition.

Andrew’s books include Creative Conversations and Tabletop Presentations.