BTC Annual Report 2022

Be The Change Limited
Directors’ Report 2021-22
Company Secretary:
Liz Downes
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Be The Change Australia
Be The Change Australia acknowledges and pays respect to Aboriginal Australia and their elders past and present
Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary 3
  2. Reports
  • Guardianship Council report 4
  • Programs: Its Up 2 Us 5
  • Programs: Inspiring Transition 7
  1. Finance and Administration (see separate report)
  2. Who’s Who – Contact Us – page 8
  3. Executive Summary
    Be The Change Australia’s purpose is to educate, inspire and empower individuals,
    organisations and communities on the path to a sustainable, just and fulfilling future.
    We do this through harnessing the catalytic capacity of our educational programs across
    Australia, and by building a connected passionate community of people who stand for this
    Our aim is to connect, educate, inspire, equip and motivate people across Australia to cocreate a thriving, just and sustainable world.
    Our 2021-22 Director’s Report includes contributions from our two active Chapters/affiliated
    programs – It’s Up to Us and Inspiring Transition, as well as our leadership team, the
    Guardianship Council.
    We recommend this report to you all, with a view to new horizons and a recognition that
    there is a growing appetite for activities which help environments and communities be more
    sustainable, resilient and creative in these challenging times for the planet. At the 2022
    Annual General Meeting we will invite discussion of ideas regarding partnerships, projects
    and passions for the rest of 2022 and onwards.
  4. Reports
    Guardianship Council report
    Over 2021-22, Be the Change met monthly to cover our essential transactions in three
    fundamental groups: the Guardianship Council, the Finance and Admin Committee (see
    BTC’s Financial report) and the Public Fund Committee. Managing the website and
    administration tasks have never stopped in the background of these activities.
    We have continued to support the It’s Up To Us initiative (Jaime and team in Western
    Australia) and Inspiring Transition, led by Andrew Gaines. See the enclosed reports to
    find out more about what these chapters and projects have been up to!

    In 2021-22, Be the Change formalised a new grant-giving protocol to expand our
    support of environmental and climate related activities proposed by other people and
    organisations which forward our constitutional purposes. While our fundraising needs
    work in order to allow for a sustainable grants program, we intend that this new direction
    will inspire donations to help make our world a more liveable place in these challenging
    times. Our first applicant, Climate Justice Union, has received a grant towards the
    employment of a Climate Health Coordinator (see WA report for more details).

    After consultation with members, Be the Change has drafted some minor changes to
    the Constitution which have been approved by the Register of Environmental
    Organisations which oversees tax deductible organisations in the environmental
    domain. These changes, to be presented as a Special Resolution at the 2022 AGM,
    reflect our increasing commitment to supporting educational activities relating to climate
    justice and caring for country – two things we believe are essential for an
    environmentally sustainable and socially just future.

    Be the Change is no longer running in-person Symposiums or Project Drawdown
    workshops. This is with respect to the shift in focus both in the Pachamama Alliance
    international team, and with our work in Australia. The Jump Up curriculum for children
    developed by Helena Read is available online for a donation via our website.
    Since we have all the bells and whistles of a Registered Environmental Organisation,
    including deductible gift recipient status, we are open to suggestions as to how we can
    support additional programs that forward our constitutional purposes.

    We would like to thank all who have contributed to the work of the organisation in the past
    year and look forward to continuing to build together as a community.
    Andrew, Liz and Katherine – Guardianship Council members 2021-22

    It’s Up 2 Us report
    Jaime Yallup Farrant CEO It’s Up 2 Us and Climate Justice Union Campaigner
    Over several years members of Climate Justice Union have worked with a community of
    health professionals, the Department of Health and Minister for Health to prioritise climate
    action and environmental sustainability within the portfolio. They were instrumental in
    establishing the WA Climate and Health Community of Practice, and in advocating for
    inclusion of environmental sustainability and climate change in the Sustainable Health

    Until late 2021 this work was unfunded and relied on the core capacity of a small CJU staff
    team and volunteers. In late 2021, in partnership, BTC provided a grant of $25,250 towards
    the employment of a Climate & Health Organiser. CJU raised the rest of the approximately
    $45,000 worth of funds by other means. Together this covered the cost of an initial 1 year of
    employment for a 0.4 FTE role.

    Madu Venkantesan was employed in this position in February 2022.
    This position has enabled CJU to deepen existing relationships and establish new
    relationships, collaborate with and support various organisations, and work to ensure the
    climate and health movement is connected and engaging across silos in their shared
    advocacy work.

    This work has included the establishment of a CJU Health Network, a member’s network for
    people working across the intersection of health and climate, and has facilitated the Climate
    and Health Community of Practice in holding public events and providing networking and
    collaboration opportunities. CJU has also, in partnership with Climate and Health Alliance
    established a National Mental Health and Climate Change Network which meets quarterly to
    support effective collaboration and highlight intersectionality and social justice within this

    CJU have created an Extreme Heat Guide, a resource which collates important information
    about the health impacts posed by extreme heat, and actions individuals can take to care for
    themselves and each other during periods of extreme heat.

    This position has also enabled CJU to engage in numerous policy processes including
    crafting a submission to the WA Community Disaster Resilience Strategy. This process
    included engaging with a variety of CJU members, including those who lived through recent
    extreme weather events, such as Yamatji woman Yungaji who lived through Cyclone Seroja.

    Based on the input and stories from CJU members, along with analysis of the strengths and
    weaknesses of the discussion paper, we provided a submission with 6 recommendations.
    Finally the CHO position has enabled CJU to respond in a timely way to various
    opportunities including collaborating with the National Resilience and Recovery Agency (now
    merged with Emergency Management Australia to become the National Emergency
    Management, Resilience and Recovery Agency (NEMRRA)). Through this we have
    prioritised the input of people with lived experience in policy development and brokered
    relationships to ensure the perspectives and worldviews of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are included in these National processes.

    Inspiring Transition report 2021

Andrew Gaines – Guardianship Council Member and Inspiring Transition Initiative Founder

Our vision remains magnificent!

It is to catalyse a new kind of social change movement devoted to bringing forth an ecologically sustainable, socially just, spiritually fulfilling human presence on this planet. In other words, to inspire thoughtful mainstream commitment to doing everything required to pull out of our ecological nosedive, and transition to a life-affirming culture. We act on this by inspiring people to be citizen-educators, and providing innovative communication tools.

The reality is that we are just a speck.

Last year I ran a regular drop-in discussion group on Catalysing mass commitment to transformational change. A number of the regular participants were extremely knowledgeable, and they enjoyed the discussions. However, when I suggested that our discussions were not accomplishing anything, and that we should turn our attention to reaching out to catalyse a new kind of mass communication initiative – one based on helping ordinary people and decision-makers think more realistically about the larger issues of our time – many of them dropped out.

However, things are picking up. I was interviewed by a South African researcher who was exploring the views of members of the Climate Coaching Alliance. He liked what I said so much that he volunteered to work with me and others. He started by introducing me to the CEO of a US consulting firm, and this has led to other connections.

We are also starting a League of Evolutionary Catalysts. This is for people who are committed to catalysing a movement to shift mainstream consciousness, and who embrace  the ‘new paradigm’ of enabling people to function better both mentally and emotionally. If this interests you, I can be contacted directly at [email protected].

I take the bottom line to be this: Greta Thunberg will have reason to hope when she sees that mainstream society is committed to turning things around.

  1. Finance and Administration
    See separate Financial Report.
  2. Who’s Who – Contact Us
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