Support our work with Climate Justice Union in Western Australia

Climate Justice Union is a diverse group of individuals sharing common concerns, motivations and resources to restore a stable climate and accelerate the transition to a zero emissions society, with nobody left behind.

It is well recognised that climate change poses an existential threat to a wide variety of ecosystems and biodiversity hotspots including rainforest, boreal forest, alpine forest, coral reef, coastlines, estuarine systems, low-lying islands, wetlands, rivers and many more. 

By working to ensure the reduction and drawdown of carbon emissions, Climate Justice Union aims to restore a stable climate and to protect the natural environment. They also work to reduce vulnerability to climate change impacts, by reducing inequality and increasing preparedness in local communities.

Climate Justice Union prioritises taking care of people and place in all their work, including resourcing and supporting the participation of Aboriginal Elders and community members with diverse lived experience, in events and decision making processes.

Your donation supports Be The Change and Climate Justice Union’s shared vision for a fair, just and sustainable future and a safe and stable climate for all.

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