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Invitation to a Zoom call: Catalysing mass commitment to transformative change Tuesday, 5 May 6 PM Sydney time

Our times call for something extraordinary. It’s not just climate change. It’s not just the current virus. We have a society that operates in many ways to undercut our life-support system. This cartoon sums it up: On this call we will consider the question. How can we inspire mainstream commitment to turning things around? The […]

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Image by <a href="">DanaTentis</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>

What will it take to provide real hope for young people?

I think there is only one thing.  Young people will have hope when they see that society as a whole is passionately committed to transitioning to a life-affirming global culture, rather than continuing on our present course of ecological self-destruction and societal breakdown. How would they know that this commitment exists? Just as in wartime […]

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