2021 Annual General Meeting Minutes

Be The Change Ltd

2021 Annual General Meeting Minutes

Tuesday 26 October 8pm AEDT

Chair: Katherine Barling

 Minutes: Liz Downes

 Meeting opened: 8.10pm

 Sacred Space: Andrew Gaines

 Attendees: Katherine Barling, Andrew Gaines, Pam Millist, Richard Whitehurst, Liz Downes, Irene Telford, Jackie Buckingham, Tathra Street, Margie Abbott, Phil Mitchell, Peter Wallman, Jenny MacAffer, Jonathan Cassell, Luke Skinner


Apologies: Dot Green


 cceptance of 2020/2021 minutes: Moved Andrew, Seconded Richard.

 Director’s Report for 2020/2021

Katherine reported generally on Directors Report.

  • Has been difficult to gather during Covid; Be the Change responded by paring down its functions to the main projects it is supporting.
  • Climate Justice Union has now fledged in WA thanks in part to grants from BTC
  • We are noticing now a renewed interest from people, for new and renewed activities; there have been discussions about reinstating State Chapters, for example.
  • Pachamama programs have now all moved online. There have been changes in the Project Drawdown programs, this has been transferred to the Drawdown Initiative and is no longer run by PA.
  • Jump Up materials are still available online and opportunity is there to take this forward.


Andrew reported on Inspiring Transition

  • Be the Change is committed to healthy cultural evolution. We have committed to reach the larger general public. Aim is to catalyse huge movement of people enganged in the transition including tools such as Kitchen Table Conversations, and webinars.

Luke reported on Climate Justice Union

  • Created by people already involved in climate organising in 2018 at grassroots level, got together recognising that we were doing great actions but collectively losing the fight against climate inaction. So formed board of CJU and created organisation aimed at making sure there re transition plans for every major sector, everyone impacted by climate change, not just industry but also people from all walks of life. Utilised first transfer of revenue through Be the Change to employ people and trainees, plus a bookkeeper. Now have 215 members and various grants have come in.

Acceptance of Directors report: Liz moved, Andrew seconded


  1. Financial Report for 2020/2021

Liz Downes reported on Financial report

Profit & Loss statement:

  • Income – 32,359
  • Expenditure – 62,053
  • Loss – 29,964
  • Explanation: Transfer of $53,300 raised in previous financial year from the Western Australia account to Climate Justice Union accounted for the loss that appears on the statement.


Members 2020/2021: 50

Acceptance of Financial Report:  Andrew moved, Irene seconded.

  1. 2020-2021 Auditor
  • We have used Rupert Timilsina from MacQuarie Advisors for the past 5 years. Good practice recommends changing every 5 years. We can change to a different person within the same firm, or to a different firm.
  • Jenny MacAffer moved a motion that in preparation for the next AGM we identify a different auditor as per above. Jackie seconded.

Election of Directors

  • Current directors: Katherine, Andrew, Richard, Pam and Liz
  • Continuing GC members: Liz, Katherine
  • Resigning: Pam, Richard
  • Andrew – 9 years is up but seeks exception to continue.
  • Nominated as Directors: No new nominations.
  • To ensure quorum of 3, Phil proposed that Andrew continue another 3 years; Jenny seconded.
  • Acknowledgment of outgoing directors Pam and Richard.


General Business


  1. Margie Abbott: Has been involved in BTC for ten years and is moving on to other exciting projects, such as XR in Geelong, will keep BTC values alive
  2. Plans for income going forward: Katherine – restarting/energising chapters will be a way to build momentum through building projects at the local level. Andrew – will also give attention to fundraising initiatives. Luke – gave some ideas about building relationships towards DRG grant seeking. Let’s hope the quorum of 3 on the Guardianship Council will be able to put the necessary hard work in to kickstart fundraising, reignite the chapters and increase membership so we can continue to be financially sustainable and support the wonderful work of CJU and Inspiring Transition.
  3. There is a need for a new webmaster now that Pam, and her skills, have left. This will be tabled and acted on in our next meeting. CJU may also be able to help with webmaster stuff, there is technical capacity.

 Close sacred space – AGM closed 9.40pm

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